Community webapp

This is where the community war file that can be deployed on a j2ee or servlet container. Below describes what is needed to install and setup of the community. The install and setup below is an example with a HSQLDB database.


  • 1.) First download a comunity war file. Here is the Latest Community or look into the wars directory for other versions of the war file.
  • 2.) Deploy the war into your servlet container, giveit the context path that you desire.
  • 3.) Find the hsqldb database driver. You can download from here: HSQLDB 1.7.1
  • 4.) Place the hsqldb jar into a place that can be located by the servlet container, ex: for tomcat is the common/lib directory.
  • 5.) The installation is complete, now for the setup.


  • 1.) Go to the Administration gui for the servlet container.
  • 2.) Go to the Environment Entries for your context. In Tomcat this is Service->Host(LocalHost)->{context name}->Resources->Environment entries.
  • 3.) Change all the environment entries, to have the community id, and the endpoints to the registry, also define the registry identifier for a vospace/myspace used for accounts. (Hit Save after each of your changes)
  • 4.) After Environment Entries are changed go to the "DataSources" (same area as Environment Entries).
  • 5.) Change the URL to not have "@WORKDIR@" but to a appropriate directory that will keep your database data and information. (Hit Save)
  • 6.) In Tomcat hit "Commit Changes" at the top.
  • 7.) Open up a web browser and go to your new community ex: http://localhost:8080/{context}
  • 8.) Go to the Admin pages, there it will report if your database is healthy or not, if this is the first time then it should NOT be healthy.
  • 9.) If not healthy go to "Reset DB" this essentially deletes everything from the db and recreates all tables and a small amount of test data to check if it is healthy.
  • 10.) Reset the db and verify it is healthy, a message should say if it is healthy or not.
  • 11.) Now click on "Register Metadata" Fill in the Form details and the version of the type of Registry you wish to publish/register to. (hit Submit).
  • 12.) Verify the XML looks correct and hit (Register).
  • 13.) Your Setup is now complete you may begin adding accounts, groups, and others.


It has been untested on other databases, but presumbly you may setup community to work with any database. See the "/WEB-INF/classes" directory for configuration files if you need to change the sql used to create tables, or possibly even the JDO mapping. There are 3 files.

  • astrogrid-community-database.sql -- SQL used to create table data.
  • astrogrid-community-database.xml -- no real need to change it points to the mapping file in the same directory.
  • astrogrid-community-mapping.xml -- JDO mapping for Castor. See Castor for more information on the mapping.