This consists of the following steps

  1. set up the application contoller configuration file
  2. set up any applications and the application description file
  3. publish a registry entry

CommandLine Application Controller Configuration

  • cea.commandline.workingdir.file description="The working directory where execution environments are created" type="java.lang.String" value="@WORKDIR@/cea/commandline/work"
  • cea.commandline.description.list.url description="The configuration file for applications" type="java.lang.String" value="file://@WORKDIR@/cea/commandline/config/TestApplicationConfig.xml"

These environment variables should be set up using the tomcat administration tool for the particular web application that you have installed.

A typical installation looks like this

The workingdirectory should point to a directory that the process running the applicationController can write to. It creates subdirectories in this directory to create a runtime environment for each of the application instances that it runs. The ApplicationConfigFile points to the file that contains all of the descriptions of the applications that the application controller can run. The contents of this file are describe in more detail on the Applicatons Setup page