This page describes how to install a new version of the CEC. component while retaining the configuration from your previous version.

An upgrade is supplied as a new version of the WAR file containing the CEC. This new WAR replaces the old version.

First, install the WAR for the CEC in Tomcat's webapp directory, as you did in the initial nstallation of the CEC. Tomcat detects the change in the WAR file and reacts thus:

  1. It "undeploys" the old copy of the web application. This destroys the old WAR file and all files associated with it, except the files in the directory structure at cea.base.dir; Tomcat does not know about these.
  2. It deploys the new WAR, putting the web application and the CEC on-line with a default configuration.

At this stage, the CEC won't work satisfactorily as it doesn't have the correct environment settings. You need to reapply the settings held over from before the upgrade.

The environment settings are saved in a file in the config directory underneath cea.base.dir. If you have used the default value for cea.base.dir then the web application can guess where it is. In this case, you can use the reload saved environment link from the sidebar to reapply the environment. After you've done this, the CEC should be using exactly the same configuration as before the upgrade.

If you redefined cea.base.dir, then the web application cannot find the saved environment and so cannot reload the configuration without help. In particular, the reload saved environment link in the sidebar will not work. In this case, you can recover the configuration in one of two ways.

  1. Re-enter the environment entries using the environment editor. This includes re-establishing cea.base.dir so that the CEC can then find the other, saved parts of the configuration.
  2. Find the old cea.base.dir and copy the file holding the environment into Tomcat's configuration directory. The configuration directory for Tomcat is not (cea.base.dir)/config; it is the directory conf/Catalina/localhost under the top directory of the Tomcat installation.

If the new version of the CEC component has different configuration details, then you may need to change the environment or the configuration files or both. Read the release notes (use the link in the sidebar in the new web application) to check.