AstroGrid CEA Framework 2006.3a API

Common Execution Architecture Framework.


Application Execution
org.astrogrid.applications Representation of a single execution of an Application


Application Metadata
org.astrogrid.applications.description Metadata about an application
org.astrogrid.applications.description.base Default / Abstract implementations of the Application Metadata
org.astrogrid.applications.description.exception Exceptions associated with application descriptions.
org.astrogrid.applications.description.registry Create and lodge VODescriptions in Registry


Parameters and Handlers
org.astrogrid.applications.parameter Managing and Manpulating parameter values
org.astrogrid.applications.parameter.protocol Reading and Writing External values


JavaClass CEA Provider
org.astrogrid.applications.javaclass Simple implementation of a CEA Application Provider


CEA Server
org.astrogrid.applications.component Component Assembly and Management
org.astrogrid.applications.manager Top-level components of the cea server
org.astrogrid.applications.manager.idgen Unique Identifier Generators Observer implementations that like to watch applications do stuff
org.astrogrid.applications.manager.persist Stores for currently-running Applications and summaries of previous executions
org.astrogrid.applications.service.v1.cea SOAP Service front end to the CEA server


Other Packages
org.astrogrid.applications.apps.tables Table Handling
org.astrogrid.applications.contracts Contractual interfaces


Common Execution Architecture Framework.

This project provides re-usable components that can be assembled into a CEA Server which provides access to some kind of applications. The components and the relationships between them are shown below. Need some more description here

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