Release History

(Pending Integration)
1.1 31/08/05AG 1.1 Release
1.0.1 20/05/05AG 1.0.1 Release
1.0 01/05/05AG 1.0 Release
0.10.0 11/04/05Post NAM release
0.8.0 02/02/04
0.7.0 20/12/04The release demonstrated at the AstroGrid consortium meeting
Baseline-20041208 7/12/04
0.7-b001g,0.7-b001h,0.7-b000r 25/11/04FileManager Project Integrated
23/11/04New projects
astrogrid-portal-SNAPSHOT 16/11/04head rebuild
0.6.0 14/11/04Iteration 6 Release

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Release (Pending Integration) -

fix Branch Reg_KMB_ErrorMessageFix2.Fixed server messages due to a problem: when a auth id is not managed by the registry, it was not giving any messages suggesting where went wrong. -this branch has been merged into Reg_KMB_Xfire, so will be abounened. NOTE: won't go in 2006.4 release kmb
add Branch Reg_KMB_Paging in astrogrid/registry:Okay be good to make this a beta type version as part of the version name. It has a lot of changes mainly targeting 1.0 VOResources and multiple contract ability. I believe I have it though that everything can be copied/replaced into HEAD hence this branch can overwrite anything in HEAD even if there are merge conflicts. Reg_KMB_Paging had been abandened replaced with Reg_KMB_Xfire It needs to go with the contracts branch Contracts_KMB_XForms (which needs Guy's approval). - Kev will let me know when this is ready - CLQ This branch had been abandened and replaced with branch Reg_KMB_Xfire and still in process of being merged/tested - CLQ 05/Oct/06 Reg_KMB_Xfire is the only reg branch needs to be merged.Reg_KMB_Paging had been abandened. NOTE: won't go in 2006.4 release kmb

Release (Undertest) -


Release HEAD -

fix Branch wo-gtr-1942. Deleted lots file for ease of make registry and CEA evolution. Fixes 1942. gtr
fix Branch jes-gtr-1981. This breaks JES' dependence on the schema and WSDD files in workflow- objects. The build is simpler, the coupling is reduced and it allows the schemata to be dropped from workflow-objects in favour of the current ones in contracts. Fixes 1981. gtr
add Branch common-gtr-1933.I have added code to AstrogridAssert such that it reports line and column numbers when it finds invalidities while validating an XML file against a W3C XML schema. See bug 1945 before finishing this branch -CLQ gtr
fix Branch community-gtr-1966: fix the password-change and account-deletion features in the community component. Fixes 1966. gtr
add Branch common-jl-1496 Addition of new folder structure to cover xmlbeans generated for v1.0a1 of adql schema 1496 was regarding the autogeneration of xmlbeans using maven build. the jar is currently hand generate, ignore this branch until Jeff's update - CLQ Fixes 1496. jl
fix Branch PAL_KEA_1950. Fixes and enhancements for bugzilla tickets 1951 (disabling registration of samplestars plugin), 1957 (removing clear-status command), 1961 (showing endpoint for default registry in registration form box) and 2028 (fixing conesearch haversine maths). kea
fix Branch contracts-gtr-1922.This branch replaces/reindexes missing schemata. Please see BZ1922 for detailed instructions about merging and publishing these fixes. see bug 1946 before finishing this branch -CLQ gtr
fix Branch cea-gtr-1986. This refactors the mavenation of astrogrid/applications to eliminate the use of XML schemata from workflow-objects and to loosen the coupling between the astrogrid/applications/* sub-projects. At the same time, I have encorporated the fix for BZ2010 concerning HTTP chunking. At this version, the CEA app-servers are cleared to run with Java 5 and Tomcat 5.5 and I now recommend those versions in the documentation. Fixes 1986. gtr
fix Branch security-gtr-1800: fixes to astrogrid/security in respect of digital signatures. This cures two bugs: one where digital signature fails with a "signature is cryptographically invalid" error; one where services fail to load trusted certificates from a default location. This branch I can't find the tag name anywhere but Guy checked seems it's already in CVS head -CLQ Fixes 1800. gtr
fix Branch community-gtr-1954.The community service is fixed internally in respect of handling the CA passphrase. There are no changes to the web-service contracts or to the delegates, or to the resolver library. gtr
add Branch PAL_KEA_1869 in astrogrid/pal, fixes after contracts issues. kea
fix Branch dave-dev-200610091558.The only changes should be to filestore/common and filestore/stress. The changes add a new config property to enable chunked data transfer when sending data to myspace.(# Enable chunked data.)(#org.astrogrid.filestore.chunked.send=enabled) If the config property isn't set, then everything should behave as before. If the component (DSA or CEA) is running in JDK-1.4, then the property is ignored, and it continues to behave as before. The change only takes effect if the component (DSA or CEA) is running in JDK-1.5 _and_ the property is 'enabled'.If both conditions are met, then it will use the chunked data option to send data to the FileStore. This means that we can update all our existing DSA services without any side effects. dave
add Branch PAL_KEA_1794 in astrogrid/pal AND ALSO astrogrid/xml, and branch SLI_KEA_1794 in astrogrid/slinger.Fixes and enhancements for bugzilla tickets referenced in placeholder ticket 1794. Note that the branch SLI_KEA_1794 DISABLES ALL JAR BUILDING IN THE SLINGER PROJECT; the relevant slinger functionality has been merged back into astrogrid/pal, which now builds a new jar called astrogrid-pal-slinger which replaces all previous slinger jars. THE astrogrid/slinger PROJECT SHOULD NO LONGER BE REQUIRED OR USED. kea
fix Branch clq_helpdocs_1570 helpdocs.This branch had been merged in Aug 2006 clq
add Branch Contracts_KMB_XForms n astrogrid/contracts:Only merge in src/java and src/schema stuff. Originally this branch was for Xforms stuff, but that has not gone through, but still added a lot of new schemas 1.0. This needs Guy Rixon approval though. - Kev will let me know when this is ready - CLQ I have modified Kevin's branch slightly in the light of discussions: CEAService v0.3 instead of the more-ambitious v1.0; astrogrid-software-site added to branch and schemata index updated; maven-base added to branch and version of contracts raised to 2006.3.02. Note that astrogrid-software-site needs to be built after contracts. The branch is now ready to merge - GTR kmb
fix Branch community-gtr-1722-2. The password-change code does better checks on the old passw ord. The registration type is pinned to use the v0.10 schema. There are also some fixes to the experimental CA. Fixes 1789, 1793. gtr
add Branch PAL_KEA_1716 in astrogrid/pal AND ALSO astrogrid/xml:Fixes and enhancements for bugzilla tickets referenced in placeholder ticket 1716. NOTE THAT THE astrogrid/xml BRANCH WAS CREATED SEPARATELY AND SHOULD PROBABLY BE MERGED SEPARATELY, AFTER THE MAIN astrogrid/pal BRANCH. kea
add Branch Pal_KMB_XMLDB in astrogrid/pal:No Hurry. Added back the xmldb but tried to make it more generic. Before it was only tied to fits stuff now it is generic to work with any xmldb:api database. Still lacks some commenting and docs but doubt anybody will try to use this for awhile, I will try to add the docs at some other time. don't have to merge this branch, merged into PAL_KEA_1612 - 24-April-2006 - Catherine kmb
add Branch contracts-jl-1652 Addition of new folder v1.0a1 to cover minor changes to official v1.0 adql schema Fixes 1652. jl
add Branch PAL_KEA_1771 in astrogrid/contracts (NB contracts project, NOT pal project!!!):Added two DSA metadoc schemata, and added entries for these in the SchemaMap. kea
fix Branch community-gtr-1722: This updates the community project and introduces two new features: 1. ability for users to change their own password, requested by John in support of ROE installations; 2. a prototype of the certificate authority that we need for secured access to service. I haven't changed the web-service contracts, so I expect it to pass the integration tests as well as the last one. The certificate-authority stuff is dormant in this version . If people want to wake it up then they can configure it and experiment. Otherwise, it doesn't get in the way of traditional operations. -- community is not deploying - clq 14th Aug.2006 gtr
fix Branch security-gtr-1717: fixes for BZ1717 "Digital signature does not work". There are changes to astrogrid/security and a one-line change in astrogrid/desktop/impl. These may be independent; the fix fof the current bug is in astrogrid/desktop/impl and the astrogrid/security change is to avoid future problems. However, the astrogrid/desktop/impl changes were tested with the astrogrid/security changes so the two should be merged at the same time. gtr
fix Branch cea-gtr-1648:fixes to astrogrid/contracts and astrogrid/applications/commandline to make it easier to validate application-description files. NB:the astrogrid-software-site module is also updated and should be merged and built. Before building the latter component, its file needs to be updated with the version of the contracts jar assigned in this merger. gtr
add branch apps-gtr-1617:additions to the CEA infrastructure to support authentication with digital signature. In the released configuration, CEA services authenticate and log user identities where signatures are present, but do not enforce authorization policy. gtr
major_release Branch PAL_KEA_1612 in astrogrid/palThe initial release of DSA/catalog, a major revamping of PAL with a new Query model and SQL translation mechanism, improved interface and various incidental fixes. kea
fix Branch apps=gtr-1651:Fixes in astrogrid-applications to allow STILTS to run as a wrapped application. gtr
add Branch security-gtr-1593:major changes to the security facade to support digital signatures. gtr
fix Branch dave-dev-200605311657:fix the broken selftest page. dave
fix Branch cea-jdt-1639 in astrogrid/cea:No Hurry. jdt
add Branch wb-gtr-1537:Additions to the community/resolver project to allow logging in at a MyProxy service. Please note that there are changes to the security and desktop projects also on these branch and these should notbe merged at this time; please merge only the changes in astrogrid/community. gtr
fix Branch Reg_KMB_ErrorMessages in astrogrid/registry:This is only server side stuff no need to make new compiles for other components. General tidy up with some error messages and a fix on the OAI query to make it quicker, it had a couple of problems on full registries being slow because the xquery not right or not good performance wise, its now correct. kmb
fix Branch Reg_KMB_WBDocs1_Fix in astrogrid/registry:Okay you only need to get the webapp/src/sebapp-java/astrogrid/registry/oai/ file, all the other files were merged in some weeks ago before release, but this one being a java file was decided to wait. Now we can go ahead and merge it in since release and demos are over.The fix is actually sort of important the query for oai was not quite right and also slow on "full" registries it is now been fixed. kmb
fix Branch PAL_KEA_1534 in BOTH astrogrid/pal and astrogrid/xmlPreliminary work fixing adql parser and adding uni t tests. Have decided to move to xmlbeans-based parsing, so terminating this branch early. Unit tests added/extended will be incorporated in new work. kea
fix Branch apps-gtr-1489:General tidying up of the deployment controls, which has involved some heavy refactoring to work round Picocontainer problems. The deployer documentation is much better now (IMHO), and the chance of getting duff registrations is less. Merged but jes and pal are not compiling see bug 1500, Rolled back for now until problem solved - CLQ gtr
fix branch dave-dev-200601051057contains Multiple changes to the workshop code, Plus changes to JSP pages in :
  • Community
  • FileManager
  • FileStore
  • dave
    add, fix Branch Reg_KMB_WSDLS (in astrogrid/registry):*Note: it should be okay to overwrite Dave's jsp's if you see a merge conflict there, notice his fix below* Now works with contracts for obtaining wsdls, along with other bug fixes for XQuery Search and when there are no results. Plus new eXist db backend. And some added features. And finally fixed jars in repository, will give you a zip file to help with that.

    Okay just made the zip file you should be able to find it at called this is a zip file of all the jars that need to go into the maven repository. Hopefully I did not miss any, but if so then just e-mail me it and I will send you the missing jars.

    Branch Reg_KMB_WSDLS (in astrogrid/contracts):New Filter to help construct wsdls and schemas, plus additional schemas added.

    Branch REG_KMB_WSDLS (in astrogrid/xmldb "ALL CAPS"):refactor of xmldb.

    Branch Pal_K MB_WSDLS (in astrogrid/pal):removed reference to xmldb for a short term, since xmldb was refactored. Will add back at a later date currently nothing in pal uses xmldb.

    Note: astrogrid/integrationTests/auto-integration project has also been changed (with branch Reg_KMB_WSDL) to fit the above changes - CLQ

    fix Branch: KEA_PAL_1512

    Placeholder branch for a number of bugzilla ticket fixes on astrogrid/pal projects.
    • Bug 1508: reversed unit/ucd field order in registrations to be schema-compliant
    • Bug 1479: VOTable "int" types should be "long"
    • Bug 1480 : Fixed and re-enabled conesearch registration
    • Bug 1515 : Added logoURL to registration, and default logo to installations
    • Generally tidied registration data and added schemaLocation attributes for referenced schemata.
    fix branch dave-dev-200512141139 contains 1) Minor changes to JSP pages in registry webapp (which will mean new version of registry) 2) New sub-project called workshop - contains maven build scripts for the workshop tomcats. dave
    fix Branch jes-gtr-1462Various incremental improvements: environment entries declared in wb.xml; new configuration editor; changes to logging; fixes for some broken unit tests; fixes for some code that was misrepresenting integration-test results. This version seems to be fully compatible with the A/G v1.1 system. gtr
    fix Branch: KEA_PAL_1474Placeholder branch for a number of bugzilla ticket fixes. NB This branch involves astrogrid/pal and astrogrid/status projects. kea
    add Branch common-gtr-1459:new code providing an editor for environment entries in web applications. gtr
    fix Branch contracts-gtr-1373:I have fixed the schemaLocationattributes in the schemata to be systematically relative to each other. There are now many extra schemata copied from IVOA and imported schemata are taken from our tree not from the IVOA site. There is also a new stylesheet in astrogrid-software-site to make the schemaLocation absolute again in the published schemata on the web-site. gtr
    fix Branch: Reg_JDT_anti1350Removed the edits mistakenly applied to the registry installer during the merge of 1350. jdt
    fix Branch: por-jl-1374This moves as much as I can at present from login to first use of MySpace. Still some room for improvement. Please note the branch name as compared with the bugzilla number. It is a typo when I was creating the branch. Fixes 1347. jl
    add Branch architecture-gtr-1454-2:I added the architecture document for system v1.1 to astrogrid-software-site. I also fixed BZ1457, making the module buildable on Windows. gtr
    fix Branch: Reg_KMB_1350Fixed a few areas. Harvesting can now use specefic sets for certain registries determined in Properties. Server now always returns a VOResoruces element, it wasn't earlier for some reason. Commented out some exceptions in the client area to make sure yet again it is backwards compatible. Finally a small fix on jsp's to highlight invalid entries as well as deleted ones.

    new version 1.212

    fix Branch axis-gtr-1406:I have upgraded everything to Axis 1.3 and fixed the major problems resulting plus some small errors in AGINAB. On my test-system, 88.80% of integration tests are passed, compared with 85.19% on head. I think a number of the remaining failures are bad tests. There are a few FileStore problems and some NPEs in JES that may be real bugs. see: -- CLQ gtr
    fix Branch: clq_reg_1367Rolled back to suits the backward compability issue. recompiled relevent components with version 1.206 Fixes 1367. clq
    fix Branch: Comm_KMB_1097Added xerces (2.7.1) as a dependency and bundled in the webapp. This fixes the problem with jdk1.5. Also small fix to Permission and GroupMember jsp pages so they would work correctly. Finally small doc change if they wanted to run community with a different db like mysql. Fixes 1097. kmb
    fix Branch: Common_KMB_13231 file is changed on this branch (DomHelper) to look at the "*" namespace. if it does not find results for a element with no namespace as a parameter. Requires to be merged with Registry. Fixes 1323. kmb
    fix Branch: IntTests_KMB_1097Actually just small fix tests for the registry, this branch was for fixing Permission page with community, but come to find out that was all in the community area nothing in auto-integration. Fixes 1097. kmb
    fix Branch: Reg_KMB_1323Sorry forgot to re-branch from head, but that should not matter, just merge this one branch like any other branch. (there is no double bran ching :) ) Common_KMB_1323, and IntTests_KMB_1097 Added keywordSearch in the delegate (search elements though are on the server side.). External tests added more for IVOA and finally fixed small bug with ListIdentifiers and XquerySearch. Fixes 1323. kmb
    fix Branch: dave-dev-200507251101Added stress test to trigger OutOfMemoryError in FileStore transfers. Added JDK 1.5 fix for FileStoreOutputStream (client side). Removed deploy sub-project from the automatic build (tests need to be run manually). dave
    fix Branch: security-gtr-1337. A major reworking of astrogrid/security to use digital signatures. Dependencies have changed greatly and there are some new ones to be added to our Maven repository. Fixes 1337. gtr
    add Documentation for astrogrid/applications/commandline. Branch apps-gtr-1230 is incompatible with the changes from issue 1317 and should be abandoned. Branch apps-gtr-1230-2 has the same new documentation and configuration changes as the former branch but is branched after issue 1317 was merged; this one is OK to merge with head. Fixes 1230. gtr

    Release 1.1 - 31/08/05

    add Branch: aginab_jdt_1198Minor fix to the installer. The installer now modifies web.xml, rather than using context.xml, and thus works with Tomcat 4. Fixes 1198. jdt
    fix Branch: por_jdt_1336Minor fix to the installer. Added a warning to the installer that it must be run from the cmdline with extra memory (thanks, cocoon!). Also changed the default reg and jes to point at the ones installed in Leicester. Fixes 1336. jdt
    fix Branch: Portal_KMB_1276_2Fix portal to fit new registry client-lite. kmb
    fix Branch: com-jl-1315Extended coverage of community unit tests in server subproject jl
    fix Branch: pjn_portalWF_1307Can delete empty multiple cardinality parameter values Fixes 1307. pjn3
    fix Branch: cea-server-nww-improve-testsFixed failing unit tests and improved test coverage in cea-server nww
    add Branch: cea_pah_1317Commandline CEA will now remove any files associated with input parameters for a successful run. Also added jsp page to clean up all working files older than specified date. Fixes 1317. pah
    fix Branch: dave-dev-200508090435Fixed broken tags in xdocs. Fixed change to CEA return type (String to Document). Added .cvsigore files where missing. Updated .cvsignore files to ignore target. dave
    add Documentation for astrogrid/pal. Branch MCH_1228_Docs. Fixes 1228. mch
    fix Branch security-gtr-477-2:a rearrangement of the tests for the security facade plus some trivial cleaning up of the production code. Both astrogrid/security and astrogrid/integrationTests are branched but only astrogrid/security has committed changes. Fixes 477. gtr
    fix Branch: Reg_KMB_1323added oai set support (plus has previous branch stuff which was: added xquery, caching, and unit tests), tagged b4_Kev_reg_app_commu kmb
    fix Branch: IntTest_KMB_1093uses resetdb.jsp for community now only change was maven.xml. Which should only be in the community-database(goal area) of maven.xml. (plus has previous branch stuff in it IntTest_KMB_FixTests branch), tagged b4 _Kev_reg_app_commu kmb
    fix Branch: Comm_KMB_1190added dependency for registry caching for this merge. Still factoring out the reset db on this branch. taged b4_Kev_reg_app_commu kmb
    fix Branch: App_KMB_1276added dependency for registry caching for this merge. tagged b4_Kev_reg_app_commu kmb
    fix Branch: IntTest_KMB_FixTestsBranch under integrationTests/auto-integration, fixed some of the tests and no longer required 0.9 from the registry. See next 2 branch Jes_KMB_1293, FM_KMB_1293_2 it is required for this merge. kmb
    fix Branch: Jes_KMB_1293Changed it to no longer need 0.9 registry, and dropped castor for looking up registry identifier. kmb
    fix Branch: FM_KMB_1293_2Drop the 0.9 need of the registry it works with anything now so no need for translation. kmb
    fix Branch: Portal_KMB_1276added dependency for registry caching. kmb
    fix Branch: FS_KMB_1276added dependency for registry caching for this merge. kmb
    fix Branch: jes-nww-review-unit-testsFixes to improve unit test coverage and bring pass rate to 100% - don't merge if any unit tests fail. nww
    add astrogrid/registryBranch Reg_KMB_Xforms2_Jun01. Mainly added xforms plus small correction on harvesting and OAI areas to correct duplicates being returned in OAI and not die badly on invalid harvesting of other registries. Fixes 1235. kmb
    fix The CEA was able to pass parameters to applications in the wrong order. This has been (partially) fixed. See bug zilla report. Fixes 1295. jdt
    fix A bug in the CEA (Java) server was registering the standard siap-image-fetch app with the wrong authorityID. jdt
    add Improvements to the Registry Deployment Script - the installer now offers the user the option of storing the data outside the registry webapp, and also configures harvesting astrogrid/registryand astrogrid/integrationTestsFixes 1275. jdt
    add astrogridBranch aginab_jdt_1182Minor changes to all the install scripts to make sure that they work offline. You should see changes to aginab, and the deployment and installer folders of all components except community. The changes are minor and shouldn't affect integration tests. Fixes 1182. jdt
    add astrogrid/desktopBranch desktop_pjn_14_6_5Phil's new workbench for wf pjn
    add astrogrid/portalBranch por-jl-1173. Partly dependent upon bug 1279, in that filestores created during an aginab build need to register with a relationship set within the registry.
    • Refinements to MySpace Explorer controls
    • Password change
    • Ability to move files between filestores
    Fixes 1173.
    fix Make all of the CEA servers self register with v10 compliant schema - This involved
    • workflow objects - wfo_pah_559b
    • applications - cea_pah_559c
    • jes - jes_pah_559b
    • integration project - int_pah_559b
    Fixes 559.
    add palBranch dave-dev-200506281816. One change to a prop erty in in pal/skycatserver. dave
    add palBranch dave-dev-200506281451. Small change to the metadata tools in PAL, no external side effects expected. dave
    fix astrogrid/contracts, branch contracts-gtr-1255. More XML schemata added to the contracts project so that they can be published in the software site. After this branch is merged, please rebuild the software site so that it picks up the new schemata from the updated contracts jar. Fixes 1255. gtr
    add Created a GUI installer for the registry, and plumbed it into AGINAB. See installersFixes 881. jdt
    fix astrogrid/filestore, astrogrid/filemanagerand astrogrid/integrationTests aginab_jdt_1177Plumbed the FileStore and FileManager installers into AGINAB. The GUI installers and AGINAB now use the same script for deployment, which has got to be a good thing. Fixes 1177. jdt
    add astrogrid/applicationsBranch cea-gtr-1208. Enhancements to the JSPs for test-running an application that support indirect input parameters. Fixes 1208. gtr
    fix Changes to TableMetaDoc.xsd to make it match the DSA software. Branch dsa-gtr-1027 Waiting for a big merge from mch before proceeding. Fixes 1027. gtr
    fix astrogrid/applicationsand astrogrid/integrationTests cea_jdt_1180Minor bug fixes to installer and build. Also fixes bug 1182 (for CEA only). Already merged. Fixes 1180. jdt
    fix dave-dev-200506100249Changes to navigate and header dave
    fix astrogrid/workflow + portal resourcesBranch portalRE_pjn_1200 + workflow_pjn_1200Only active tasks returned from registry in both workflow builder and resource browser. Fixes 1200. pjn3
    fix dave-dev-200506081212- Bug fixes to the pal metadata generator.No external side effects expected. dave
    fix dave-dev-200506071500- Fixed double(), power() and circle() in PostgreSQL SQL writer. dave
    add desktop-nww-1111and workflow-nww-1111- added Applications component to ACR, and Applications Launcher Proglet. This branch has already been merged into head once - hope merging it again doesn't cause trouble . Fixes 1111(again). nww
    add portal_pjn_1225- microbrowserResults.xsl change to handle tables with '+' in their name Fixes 1217. pfo
    add portal_pjn_1217- Webstart applications page added with more information. Fixes 1217. pjn3
    add portalRE_pjn_1226- the smallest branch ever! - single missing space in causing SAXParseException when muliple keyword search attempted when looking for catalogs. Fixes 1226. pjn3
    fix Branch portalWF_1193_pjnFix for orig. bug #942 which has been over-written at some point since Feb. Fixes 1193. pjn
    add portal_pjn_1218- Astrogrid status added to homepage plus ability to take portal 'out of action' Fixes 1218. pjn3
    fix MCH-v1v1.0 release for dat acenter, slinger and xml projects. (awaiting for root tag from Martin) mch
    fix Doc_Template_KMB_May112005 - docs template for astrogrid/registry kmb
    fix Doc_Template_KMB_May112005Comm - docs template for astrogrid/community kmb
    fix portalWF_pjn_1191 - fixes for parameter indirect flag in workflow builder Fixes 1191. pjn

    Release 1.0.1 - 20/05/05

    fix Since we're now on maven 1.0.2 I've refactored the property files to remove common and duplicated stuff to maven-base. All components will need to be rebuilt after this merge, which should have no side effects. Branch maven_jdt_383: Fixes 383. jdt
    add cea_jdt_1012Created Installers for the CEA apps and plumbed them into AGINAB. Added some cea-cmdline tests for windows. The windows tests will fail on Unix. Equally the Unix tests will fail on Windows, so we should get the same pass rate in both environments. Fixes 1012. jdt
    add portalWF_pjn_11691169 is a minor layout change and also removes a couple of stylesheet attributes that were causing transform errors that I spotted in the portal-core logs. However this also includes fix for bug#931 which is more serious and relates to workflow builder/m-b interactions. Fixes 1169. pjn
    fix portal_pfo_1106taking out the excute button for now from query page since it's not working anyway. see bug 1172 Fixes 1106. pfo
    add portal_pjn_1157Parameterized workflows added to portal Fixes 1157. pjn3
    add desktop-nww-1111Lots of minor fixes and improvements to desktop - mostly suggested by Nick. Plus javadoc. Fixes 1111. nww
    fix Added an about page to each war. Not going to rebuild just for this... will let it be absorbed naturally as new builds take place. However if there are any problems building war files then this should be your first suspect! Contact jdt in case of problems. Branch all_jdt_1056 Fixes 1056. jdt
    fix Taken out cicle from query example. Branch portal_pfo_1106 Fixes 1106. pfo
    fix Fix int tests to use new filemanager. Should see improvments in the applications tests. Branch int-nww-1125 Fixes 1125. nww
    fix (astrogrid/common) - now uses InputSource? for newDocument(string) Fixed bug with certain characters in DOM. Branch Reg_KMB_381_WS Fixes 381. kmb
    fix (astrogrid/registry) - fixed several small bugs plus fixed relationship query now. Added removeResource ability. Fixed major bug with embedded eXist. Branch Reg_KMB_381_WS Fixes 381. kmb
    fix (astrogrid/registry/webapp) - Yes I know a sub-branch below registry in the webapp directory. Small changes to jsp pages and added removeResource. Xforms stuff is in there, but still hidden because it does not still quite work. Branch Reg_KMB_381_Xforms Fixes 381. kmb
    fix (astrogrid/xmldb) - Small change to add removeResource and a few other storage type methods. Branch Reg_KMB_972 Fixes 972. kmb
    fix Fixed how it queries on relationships on the registry for groupmembership area. Branch Comm_KMB_381_WS Fixes 972. kmb
    fix (astrogrid/integrationTests/auto-integration) - bad branch name should have been a different number. Anyways small fixes to registry-entries. And added community stress test. Branch Reg_Comm_1008_Factor Fixes 1008. kmb
    fix (astrogrid/filestore) - A small change to the xml to add relationship elements to it now. Branch FS_KMB_1004_2 Fixes 1004. kmb
    fix (astrogrid/portal/workflow) Jobs displayed in date order. Branch portalWF_pjn_930 Fixes 930. pjn
    fix Fix for 'delete' and 'move' bugs. minor changes to filemanager-client and filemanager-server.bug. Branch filemanager-nww-1035 Fixes 1035. nww

    Release 1.0 - 01/05/05

    fix Removed footer from workflow and job status pages; help links now temporarily point to wikki help page. Branch portal_pjn_748 Fixes 748. pjn
    fix Ensure workflow credentials match user credentials on submit, set to those of current user if different. Branch portalWF_1100_pjn Fixes 1100. pjn
    fix Ability to delete optional parameters. Branch portalWF_pjn_860 Fixes 860. pjn
    fix Fix for 2 parameterized-workflow-builder bugs; fixes to make list-applications work with reg v10; added 'change store' 'copy' 'move' and 'rename' to vospace browser; split interfaces into separate packages, javadocs bug; also rebuilt filemanger for it to take common 1035. Branch desktop-nww-1082 and workflow-nww-1082 Fixes 1082. nww
    fix Major speed improvement to job status pages, plus removed some more trace. Branch portalWF_pjn_959 Fixes 959. pjn
    fix Declares environment entities in web.xml and adds activation-1.0.2.jar to the WAR. Branch applications-gtr-1074 Fixes 1074. gtr
    fix Improvements to MySpace Explorer to ensure views were updated to show latest file activity of user. Branch wor-jl-1085 Fixes 1085. jl
    fix Improvements to MySpace Explorer to ensure views were updated to show latest file activity of user. Branch por-jl-1046 (1046 is dependent upon 1085.) Fixes 1046. jl
    fix Changes to use Noels fix (jes-nww-776-again), plus changes to front page job list to remove delete/cancel buttons, plus bug #771. Branch portal_pjn_766_again Fixes 766. pjn
    fix Fix for displaying list of jobs efficiently (jes-delegate and jes-server). Also some performance tweaks to the jes server. NB - this requires the common-nww-1035 to be merged first. Branch jes-nww-776-again and workflow-objects-nww-776-again Fixes 776. nww
    fix Moved some common classes from filemanager to common (nameGen package)., so they can be reused in jes. Not expected to break anything. Filemanager client needs to be rebuilt at the same time. Branch common-nww-1035 Fixes 1035. nww
    fix Same problmes of adding utils dependencies testing together. Branch jes_clq_1120/wf_clq_1120/por_clq_1120 Fixes 1120. clq

    Release 0.10.0 - 11/04/05

    fix Fixed storeclient/xml/status overwriting AG main site docs. Branch sc_clq_1079 Fixes 1079. clq
    remove Removed MySpace related tests from integration. Branch dave-dev-200503181302 dave
    add In astrogrid/community/webapp, added new JSP and web.xml files. Branch Comm_KMB_1008_2 Fixes 1008. kmb
    fix Fixed FileManager web.xml config settings. Branch dave-dev-200504041023 Fixes 1059. dave
    fix slight tweak to the installer to make it less confusing. No effect on int tests. Branch Filestore_jdt_1033 Fixes 1033. jdt
    fix trace turned off in worflow xsp's (job-list and job-status) Branch portalWF_pjn_1045 Fixes 1045. pjn
    fix links to workflow in current jobs list on homepage removed (login-pass.xsp, workflow sitemap and job-list.xsl). Branch portal_pjn_1054 Fixes 1054. pjn
    fix The last test run's results are now saved, so even if you don't stick the baseline in cvs,you can immediately see if anything has changed since last time you ran aginab. Branch aginab_jdt_1062. Fixes 1062. jdt
    fix In astrogrid/registry, ONLY .JSP AND .WSDL files should be merged. Branch Reg_KMB_972_2 Fixes 972. kmb
    fix Portal myspace update and etc. Branch por-jl-908 Fixes 908. jl
    fix DesignAction changed to add missing ivo:// to indirect ivorns. Branch portalWF_pjn_1047 Fixes 1047. pjn
    fix In astrogrid/registry; harvest bug fixed, commenting better now; in astrogrid/xmldb; small tweak to let a user get right at a XQueryService? or XPathQueryService?. Branch Reg_KMB_972 Fixes 972. kmb
    add Rebuilds of PAL and slinger mch
    fix Adding wsdd from workflow-objects to wars. Branch pal_jdt_1044 Fixes 1044. jdt
    fix New webstart links; only affects login-pass.xsp. Branch portalLogin_pjn_1040 Fixes 1040. pjn
    add Filemanager jsp. Branch FM_KMB_1007 Fixes 1007. kmb
    add Added an installer. Branch FMGR_JDT_1031 Fixes 1031. jdt
    fix Adjustments to the schema for configuring catalogues inside DSA. This is important for the current deployments. Branch dsa-gtr-1021 Fixes 1021. jdt
    fix Added a subproject to create a single jar from all the dependencies. Branch Slinger_jdt_1022 Fixes 1022. jdt
    fix Filestore jsp. Branch FS_KMB_1004 Fixes 1004. kmb
    fix Added a deployment script and installer, integration tests should be unaffected. Branch JES_jdt_1005 Fixes 1005. kmb
    fix Community to register home space with FileManager; Changes to Community server and webapp; Changes to FileManager? test; Added new integration test. Branch dave-dev-200503150513 dave
    add FileStore? Installer. No impact expected on Int Tests, since I've just added a couple of subprojects to build the installer and deployment script. Branch FLSTR_JDT_966 Fixes 966. jdt
    add For integrationTests some entries changed for registry v10 upgrade. Branch Reg_KMB_972 Fixes 972. kmb
    fix Upgraded jes to use groovy-beta-10 - which claims to fix some memory leaks. No impact expected on integration tests. Branch jes-nww-986 Fixes 986. nww
    fix For registry and portal fixes a small harvest bug, it should work fine with TabularDB now. Branch Reg_KMB_972 Fixes 972. kmb
    add Registry to v1.0. kmb
    fix Adjusted int tests for cea and jes to use FileManager. Branch auto-integration-nww-994 Fixes 994. nww
    fix Installation instructions for FileStore, also added a test suite for deployed services (see deploy sub-project). Branch dave-dev-200503140252 Fixes 991. dave
    fix Infrastructure for dispatching other kinds of step / random select of servers to dispatch to / upgrade picocontainer to 1.1 / moved from myspace to filemanager. Branch jes-nww-686 Fixes 686. nww
    fix Small tweak to support jes-nww-686. Branch common-nww-686 Fixes 686. nww
    fix Moves workflow over to using filemanager. Branch workflow-nww-996 Fixes 996. nww
    fix Moves scripting over to using filemanager. Branch scripting-nww-995 Fixes 995. nww
    fix Moved cea over to using fileManager. Branch cea-nww-994 Fixes 994. nww
    fix Added webstart applications link to home page (login-pass.xsp and minor tweak to microbrowserResults.xsl). Branch portalWEBSTART_pjn_838 Fixes 838. pjn
    fix Removed bogus dependency on astrogird-datacenter-client. Adjusted one deprecatred class so it won't be missed. Don't expect it to effect anything else. Branch scripting-nww-975 Fixes 975. nww
    fix Refactored client and server, implemented persistence for node metadata, node caching on client, bundling on server, getIvorn() returns homespace-style Ivorns, WSDL-based SOAP (to be moved into contracts later), deprecated and implemented Aladin Adapter interfaces. Branch filem anager-nww-jdt-903-943 Fixes 903/943. nww/jdt
    fix Alterations to config for filestores, new integration tests. Branch Auto-integration-nww-965 Fixes 965. nww
    fix Minor change to a mock to support filemanager build. Branch filestore-nww-965 Fixes 965. nww
    fix JavaScript fix aimed at Windows IE6. MySpace micro-browser should now work. (BTW...I've not bothered to include testing for files created with folders of the same name. I've tried but cannot reproduce the error now. Some extra checking should/needs to be included, but this part will be rewritten soon in any case.) [accidently committed to head by jeff - small changes ] Branch por-jl-904 Fixes 904. jl
    add Branch portalRESOURCE_pjn_979 Fixes 979. pjn
    fix Shift to new resource browser style for microbrowsers. Branch portalWF_pjn_720 Fixes 720. pjn
    add First release of contracts project. Please merge only astrogrid/contracts and astrogrid-software-site; no other parts of CVS need to change. Note that the build of the software site now has a dependency on the astrogrid-contracts jar in order to publish the schemata. The contracts project needs to be added to the scheduled build and to be given a version number in the maven-base properties. Branch gtr-contracts-BZ945 Fixes 945. gtr
    fix Prevent parameters being removed when step details change. Branch portalWF_PJN_942 Fixes 942. pjn
    fix Branch REG_kmb_889/REG_kmb_889_2 Fixes 889. kmb
    fix Community (changes to web.xml from KMB); had to change LoginAction see version 1.35. Branch Reg_KMB_913 Fixes 913. kmb
    fix Some changes to the logging to make it easier to obtain usage metrics via a script from the log files. Branch community_pah_910 Fixes 910. pah
    fix Some changes to the logging to make it easier to obtain usage metrics via a script from the log files. Branch myspace_pah_910 Fixes 910. pah
    fix Viewer and editor for web.xml. Branch GTR-properties-BZ879 Fixes 879. grt
    fix Filemanager - Fixed failing server tests; Modified client and mock implementations to enable Portal dev on a full mock service. Added full mock test sample, in example project. Changes to FileManager? client and server, added FileManager example. List of changed files is here, no conflicts expected Build logs from local integration build docs and logs Integration test results on local machine results. Branch dave-dev-200502010902 dave
    fix Branch filemanager-nww-903 Fixes 903. nww
    fix Community webapp not building under Maven 1.0.2. Branch COMM_JDT_936. Fixes 936. jdt
    fix Registry not building under Maven 1.0.2 due to mismatch between package and directory structure. Temporary fix. Branch POR_JDT_933 Fixes 933. jdt
    fix 1. Rationalising config properties 2. Redirecting the logs to $CATALINA_HOME/logs to allow a clean uninstall on windows 3. Creation of a graphical installer Note: the portal now requires the javaapp plugin for Maven. This can be installed by executing maven -Dmaven.repo.remote=, -DartifactId=javaapp -DgroupId= maven-plugins -Dversion=1.3 plugin:download. Fixes 882. jdt
    add Added configuration pages to FileStore webapp. kmb
    add Created a graphical installer for the JES. Download from here. jdt
    add Created a graphical installer for FileStore. Download from here. Fixes 966. jdt
    add New xmldb project for Registry. kmb
    fix Added some logging to myspace and community Fixes 910. pah
    add Created some jsp pages to allow admins to edit web.xmls when our components are deployed in Tomcat containers. JSP pages have been put into the common project, but will need to be copied out by anyone that wants to use them in their wars. gtr
    fix Community now builds under Maven 1.0.2 Fixes 936. jdt
    fix Registry now builds under Maven 1.0.2 Fixes 933. jdt
    add Created a graphical installer for the portal. Download from here. Fixes 882. jdt
    fix Portal now undeploys cleanly. (fixed as part of bug 882) Fixes 623. jdt
    fix All config properties are now set in web.xml. Obsolete properties removed. Fixes 909. jdt

    Release 0.8.0 - 02/02/04

    fix some very small config changes for the AVO demo Fixes 540. pah
    fix An update to cea-http (ie SIAP applications), required following changes to the registry. Fixes 902. jdt
    add A fix to the myspace interface requested by the Aladin team. Fixes 890. nww
    fix MySpace Explorer changes aimed largely at (1) eliminating errant nesting of folders. There appear to be three sources for this error. Two have been eliminated. The other (introducing a file on the same level as a folder with the same name) I am raising another bug for. But also included...(2) Tidied up headings and field names on micro-browser. and (3) Partly strengthened the error checking on the m-b aswell. Fixes 670. jl
    fix Pending.... Fixes 787. kmb
    fix Build problem in eXist for maven 1.0.1+ Fixes 858. jdt
    add registry entries should be validated by a schema Fixes 605. kmb
    add Need to add eXist permissiong with username and passwords more restrictive on the updates. Fixes 613. kmb
    add Misc updates to community and registry. Fixes 728. kmb

    Release 0.7.0 - 20/12/04

    fix Cosmetic tweak to portal Fixes 862. kea
    fix myspace browser perf. enhancements Fixes 724. gps
    fix Pat's fixes for metadata WFS and registry browse Fixes 845. pfo
    fix Fixes 839. pjn

    Release Baseline-20041208 - 7/12/04

    fix Summary objects return more data. Fixes 776. nw
    add New Slingerproject. mch
    fix Added some VOTabl e arithmetic Fixes 805. nw

    Release 0.7-b001g,0.7-b001h,0.7-b000r - 25/11/04

    add FileManager project integrated into AGINAB dave
    remove Second community. Deploying the second community was causing setup problems. Some tests associated with the second community have obviously regressed. Fixes 781. jdt

    Release - 23/11/04

    add New Aggregate project. nw
    add New FileManager project. dave
    add New Slinger project. mch

    Release astrogrid-portal-SNAPSHOT - 16/11/04

    fix Browsing for Tools picks up Extraneous Material Fixes 683. rtp

    Release 0.6.0 - 14/11/04

    add The iteration 6 release offers a large number of enhancements and fixes over iteration 5, including:
    • A graphical query builder
    • SIAP services
    • An enhanced mySpace Explorer
    • Real datasets in AGINAB
    • more.....