Package org.astrogrid.datacenter.service.v06

CEA Provider for Datacenters


Interface Summary
DatacenterApplicationDescriptionLibrary.DatacenterMetadata configuration interface describing the configurable metadata for a datacenter at moment just the name the datacenter application will take.

Class Summary
AxisDataService_v06 The implementation of the Datacenter axis web service for end of Itn06
CeaQueuedExecutor simple extension of hte standard queued executor - so it fits in with the cea component system.
DatacenterApplication Represents a query running against the datacenter.
DatacenterApplicationDescription Descrption object for the datacenter 'application'.
DatacenterApplicationDescriptionLibrary Application description library for datacenters - initialized with a single instance of a DatacenterApplicationDescription
DatacenterCEAComponentManager Component manager implementation that assembles a CEA server which provides a single DatacetnerApplicationDescription for the datacenter application

Package org.astrogrid.datacenter.service.v06 Description

CEA Provider for Datacenters

Main class : DatacenterCEAComponentManager defines a component manager configured to provide query access to a datacenter.

It provides a description library containing a single application description- of type DatacenterApplicationDescription - which provides interfaces to perform a query via cone search, or via adql.

Invocations of this application description are represented by DatacenterApplication objects. This class maps between the native asynchronous query interface provided by DataServer and the protocol expected for a CEA provider.

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