Installing Astrogrid using AGINAB (Astrogrid In A Box)

AGINAB allows you to install and configure a standard set of Astrogrid components on any Un*x machine. All Astrogrid developers should have their own local copy for testing work, and reinstall it frequently.


  • JRE or JDK 1.4.x

  • Maven 1.0.2 or better

  • Tomcat 5.0.19 with a user of role (AG compatibility with tomcat 5.0.28 is still under going tests)manager enabled

Procedure to install the latest HEAD

  • Checkout astrogrid/integrationTests/auto-integration from CVS

  • Checkout astrogrid/maven-base from CVS

  • Create a file ~/ and edit the following properties to be appropriate for your local set up:

    • tomcat.manager.username=manager_username

    • tomcat.manager.password=manager_password


    • work.dir=C:/Java/ag-integration-work

    • tomcat.location=C:/Java/ApacheSoftwareFoundation/Tomcat5.0

    • tomcat.common.lib.dir=${tomcat.location}/common/lib

    • tomcat.port=8080

    • registry.authorityid=org.astrogrid.localhost

    • version=SNAPSHOT

In astrogrid/integrationTests/auto-integration

  • If you have previously installed Astrogrid execute:

    • maven undeploy-all

    • maven astrogrid-clean

    then stop and restart Tomcat (it leaks memory when undeploying web applications so you have to restart it to avoid memory shortage).

    To install a new set of components execute:

    • maven deploy-all

  • To test the installation execute:

    • maven astrogrid-build-site

  • Compare the documentation generated in your target/docs directory with that published on the Astrogrid site.

  • You can access your installed portal at and use the pre-installed user "frog", pw "qwerty", community "org.astrogrid.localhost"


  • AGINAB downloads a number of large files. Make sure you're on a fast network the first time you run it

  • If you have installed Astrogrid once and wish to reinstall it without a new set of downloads then execute maven with the -o switch

  • To install a single component such as the portal, execute

    • maven init portal-deploy

    • In general:

      • maven init X-deploy/X-undeploy where X=myspace/jes/apps/reg/myspace-store/pal/portal/community

  • Configuration properties you may wish to play with can be found in webapps/astrogrid-configuration/ . These should be edited before AGINAB is run (you may edit them afterwards by tracking down the deployed properties file in your Tomcat installation.)

  • Sometimes Tomcat does not clean up after itself properly when the undeploy-all goal is run. To make doubly sure that you are starting clean, shut down Tomcat and execute

    • maven CLEANTOMCAT

  • If Community fails to set itself up following a clean installation of Tomcat, it could be because it has failed to find the hsqldb database driver jar. Stop/start Tomcat and repeat the maven deploy-all command.

Testing a component before committing to CVS

Major fixes to a component should be integration tested before being committed to CVS. This is straightforward to do:

    • cd to the root AGINAB folder

    • Execute

      • maven undeploy-all

      • maven eclipse-int-test

This will remove any existing components, and download the latest component binaries from Uluru to your local repository. The second call to maven is simply a hack to force it to download the binaries that are later needed for the testing stage.

    • cd to the root of the component you wish to test

    • Execute:

      • maven astrogrid-install-snapshot

This installs a copy of the component with your fixes in your local repository.

    • cd to the root AGINAB folder

    • Execute

      • maven -o deploy-all

      • maven -o astrogrid-build-site

The -o (offline) switch prevents maven overwriting your updated component with any newer one that may have been built by Uluru in the meantime.

    • Compare the tests generated in your target/docs directory with that published on the Astrogrid site. In particular, examine the regression report at junit-full/index.html which will allow you to compare the tests in your builds against recent baselines, and thus track down any unexpected test failures.

KNOWN Issues for deploying current system as AGINAB and get arounds:

At the moment running deploy-all on a vanilla tomcat, it will fail at setting up community due to a commonly used jar file (hsqldb-1.7.1.jar) need to be copied into under tomcat/common/lib, one can get around this by running maven setup after running maven deploy-all

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John Taylor 19th June 2004, updated by CLQ 24 May 2005