AstroGrid XMLDB

This is a small lightweight client component for the XMLDB:API. This coponent is to be used by other components for help on interaction with xml database currently only eXist. It can interact with internal or external eXist db instances and in theory other XML databases such as BerkelyDB, X-Hive, Xindice, etc.... And has easy operation methods for getting QueryService, XUpdateService or general storage and retrieval methods. Currently only org.astrogrid.exist.xmldb.XMLDBFactory has all these methods available a few of the storage and retrieval methods should be moved out into other classes.


Here are the maven goals for building the this component.

  • clean - cleans out and removes all previous builds.
  • astrogrid-install-snapshot - Builds all the necessry jar and war files.
  • astrogrid-deploy-snapshot - Builds and deploys the snapshot onto the repository.
  • astrogrid-deploy-site - Generates reports and documents to be deployed on the site repository.
  • generate-castor - generates the castor objects. This is automatically done though because it is done as a pre-goal to java:compile.