This component provides a Common Execution Connector web-service for command-line applications (CL-CEC for short). The CL-CEC makes astronomy applications available to the virtual observatory; notably, it makes them visible to AstroGrid's web portal, desktop UI and workflow system.

Suitable applications for this kind of CEC (there are other kinds) can be run from the command line, have no graphical interface, and need no user interaction once launched. These are some of the applications already in use in AstroGrid.

  • SExtractor
  • HyperZ
  • BPZ
  • Pegase
  • Galaxev

You should install this component if you wish to allow virtual-observatory users to run selected applications on your computer. You choose the applications that may be run. You must obtain and install these applications; they are not supplied with the CL-CEC. The applications will run on the computer where you install the service, and you must provide sufficent resources (CPU, memory, disc space) for the applications to run efficiently.

If your application is to serve archive data then this may not be the ideal component. You should look first at the Data Set Access (DSA) component of AstroGrid. It is possible to use the command-line CEC as an archive interface, but the DSA component provides better support for archive queries.

If your application has a web interface instead of a command-line interface then you should not use this component but should use instead the HTTP-CEC component of AstroGrid (but only if the interface is based on the HTTP-get protocol; HTTP-post is not supported). If the application has both command-line and web interfaces then you can use either of the two components.