FileManager manages the metadata repository for files stored in AstorGrid MySpace.

FileManager stores a tree of nodes, representing the directories and files in the virtual MySpace space for each user account. For each file in the tree, FileManager stores a set of metadata properties describing the file, including the physical (FileStore) location of the data.

All of the AstroGrid components use FileManager to access files in MySpace. When a component requests access to a file

  • FileManager looks up the physical (FileStore) location in the file metadata
  • FileManager connects to the relevant FileStore on the clients behalf
  • FileManager asks the target FileStore for access to the file
  • FileManager returns the resulting transfer URL back to the client
  • The client then uses the URL to transfer the data to or from the target store
This scheme means that the other components do not need to know the physical location of the files. All transactions go via the FileManager, enabling it to maintain control over the physical location of files in the virtual file space. However, FileManager is not involved in the actual data transfer. All the data transfers are performed direct to/from the client and the target FileStore.