General Administration Instructions

If you are using Tomcat as your webapp container, then AstroGrid provides a number of graphical installer applications that manage downloading, installing and configuring AstroGrid components.

These installer apps are executable jar files and require only that JDK1.4+ is installed on your machine. Once downloaded, double-click on the jar file (in Windows Explorer) or execute

java -jar installer-name.jar

from the commandline. As well as prompting you for any configuration settings, the installer will give you the opportunity to save your settings to allow easy reinstallation.

Follow the links to the left to download the latest installer for each component.


If you can only access the internet through a proxy then you run the installers with:

java -jar install-name.jar -p proxyhost:port [-u username:password]

Non-graphical environments

The installers use a Swing-based GUI. If you're installing on a headless machine, then run the installers with a -c switch to use text-only mode.

Out of Memory errors

Try increasing the memory available to the JVM

java -Xmx128m -jar installer-name.jar