AstroGrid Workbench

The Workbench is a graphical desktop application that interacts with AstroGrid services. It provides

  • a user interface to
    • Browse, read and write MySpace
    • Launch Parameterized Workflows
    • Build custom workflows
    • Launch remote (CEA) applications
    • Monitor and control workflows and applications
    • View registry entries
  • a simple programmer's interface for working with AstroGrid services. This interface can be accessed from scripts and other programs via HTTP, XMLRPC or JavaRMI

Launch the Workbench

We provide two versions of the Workbench: a stable version that is published occasionally; and a beta version, which is published more often, may provide more features, but which is less well tested.

The workbench is written in the Java programming language. Provided you already have Java installed on your machine, click one of the links below to launch the workbench using Java WebStart

Launch AstroGrid Workbench (Stable Version)
Release Notes
Launch AstroGrid Workbench (Latest Beta Version)
Release Notes


  • You must have Java 1.4 or 1.5 (preferred) installed

    Download and Install Java
  • If you have already have Java installed but experience problems launching the workbench, see our Web Start Userguide
  • We test each release of the Workbench on a range of different machine configurations. Check this list to verify that the Workbench has been run on a machine similar to yours

Workbench Features

These are the main abilities of the workbench:.

Parameterized Workflow Launcher

The Parameterized workflow launcher lets you launch pre-canned workflows with a minimum of effort

Workflow Editor

The Workflow editor displays and constructs astronomy workflows

CEA Application Launcher

The Appliction launcher lets you browse a list of published remote applications and data sources, and then simply execute one by providing a few parameters.

MySpace Browser

The MySpace browser shows the contents of your MySpace store, and allows you to copy, move & delete files, and upload or download data to your MySpace.

Job Monitor

The Monitor will follow the progress of running workflows and remote applications. New workflows can be submitted for execution, and the results of completed ones viewed and then deleted.

Automation and Scripting

The Workbench provides a comprehensive script interface called the Astronomy Client Runtime (ACR). The ACR provides simple access to VO Services for applications, programs and shell scripts. For more information, see the Developer Section of the release pages.